About Chicago Best Hot Dog

When it comes to Hot Dogs, no city is more passionate than CHICAGO. The Windy City, after all, is home to the WORLD FAMOUS CHICAGO DOG.

What it is: A steamed or boiled, kosher-style beef wiener, the Chicago hot dog comes served on a poppyseed-studded bun and piled with a unique set of toppings, typically yellow mustard, neon-green sweet-pickle relish or “piccalilli,” chopped onions, fresh tomatoes, dill-pickle spears, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. The complete assembly is sometimes called “dragging it through the garden,” but more usually, “the works.”

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best Hot Dog in Chicago

Redhot Ranch

Opened in early 2010 by the owners of 35th Street Red Hots, this stand-up doggery stays open as late as 5 a.m

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